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 Old and New Edicts of the KOMMISIA INTERNATIONALE

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PostSubject: Old and New Edicts of the KOMMISIA INTERNATIONALE   Wed Dec 26, 2007 10:32 pm

Basketball Old and New Edicts of the KOMMISIA INTERNATIONALE

1.) Any accredited Chapter can hold/conduct acceptance rite independently, provided an officer or active member from other Chapter is present. The absence of such officer or member nullifies the rite.

2.) If the acceptance is held/conducted by the CONFERENCE, presence of other members outside the CONFERENCE is not necessary. But tradition so demands, that informal invitations are extended to anyone who could physically attend said rite.

3.) Only Chapter/Conference Martinets are directly responsible of the Initiation/Acceptance proceedings as held by their respective units. They have the sole power to give orders and command to members and non-members alike, Senior fficers, thought actively coordinative in the proceedings shall in any case confined supervisory actions directly to the martinet in-charge, not to members or non-members alike. If a senior officer observes lapses, misdemeanor or actions not within or in excess of what is duly prescribed, said officer may report or counsel the martinet for appropriate guidance.

4.) Orientation of prospective pledges, plebians or neophytes maybe organized by chapters, conferences, national tripartite-associations, national supreme council, or by any member of the kommisia internationale. A member, who, driven by zephyric passion and desire to hold an orientation, organize a chapter or conference must notify any member of the national supreme council or of the kommisia internationale for record and/or accredition purposes.

5.) Non-members who are given in-formal orientations by individual members/officers, must attend formal orientations regularly scheduled by the nearest chapter or conference, except in areas where a chapter is to be opened or organized.

6.) Members attending regular formal orientation shall in any way participating in the proceedings to manifest unity and give a backdrop of dignity and honor of the sacred goals and ideals organizations which shall be discussed. It is a cardinal rule for members to observe the orientation in the most respectful manner. Small groups or cliques organized for tete-a-tete shall be halted when formal orientation starts.

7.) A sponsoring members shall by any means be present during orientation when his/her sponsored plebian/pledge attends. It is physically imposible.
8.) Chapter chancellors or chapter scribe or their representatives must be present during conference sponsored acceptance rites to welcome and register new member/members in their respective chapters.

9.) Only girlfriends of male members are allowed to observe or attend meetings and activities of the society.

10.) It s a general policy to allow any member to discuss any subject or topic as prescribed for orientation programs if a member so desires.

+_ZePh Glenn_+

(Chancellor CdoConference)
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