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 The Union of Federal of 7 schools or 7 cities/municipalities

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PostSubject: The Union of Federal of 7 schools or 7 cities/municipalities   Wed Dec 26, 2007 11:15 pm


The Conference Officers are the following:

1.) Governor
2.) Vice- Governor
3.) Conference Scribe
4.) Five (5) Board Members

The Union of 7 Conference will comprise the Royal House
The Royal House Officers
1.) Royal House Minister
2.) Royal House Vice- Minister
3.) Royal House Scribe
4.) Five (5) Royal House Board Members

The Countrys/State or National Officers
1.) Grand Chancellor
2.) Vice- Grand Chancellor
3.) Grand Scribe
4.) Grand Bishop
5.) Adviser

The International Officers
1.) First Supreme chancellor
2.) Second Supreme Chancellor
3.) International Scribe for the Committee on Membership
4.) International Scribe for the ZSAAI
5.) International Scribe for the ZSCUAI
6.) International Scribe for the ZSAOI
7.) International Security General

ZSAAI- ZePhYR Society Alumni Association Intl.
ZSCUI- Colleges Universities Association Intl.
ZSAOI- Area Organizations Intl.

+_ZePh Glenn_+

(Chancellor CdoConference)
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The Union of Federal of 7 schools or 7 cities/municipalities
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